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The appropriate distribution of light to every corner of indoor and outdoor areas is a prerequisite to a natural, balanced and energy‑efficient way of living.

To reach the highest level of comfort and harmony, great care is taken in analysing all factors that affect the dissipation and diffusion of natural and artificial light sources.

We focus light streams to 'flow' together with all other components of the interior and exterior design – following the geometry of the building and taking into account the type of materials used, the colour spectrum throughout, the function of the areas, as well as all of the available light sources;
We let natural light 'permeate' to every usable area of the interior, thereby highlighting or enhancing its intended purpose and design;
We direct and seamlessly blend all artificial lights as required – ensuring there are no colour distortions or visual discomfort;
We aim to reach the perfect balance between reliability, sustainability and high‑efficiency of light and its most unobtrusive distribution and autonomous application.
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